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Our Process

At Mathes Hulme Builders, we believe the best way to set your project up for success is to involve us early and often in your design and pre-construction planning phase. Typically, we kick off with a detailed schedule outlining the tasks that need to happen to meet your targets and noting those responsible for accomplishing each task. Early on in your design phase, we provide preliminary cost estimating to ensure that your project is within your budget before over investing in design. As the process unfolds, we may offer value engineering suggestions to help you get to your desired budget. We encourage a team process where all the key participants agree on shared goals and hold one another accountable to those goals throughout the project.


Mathes Hulme Builders frequently collaborates with HELM Construction Solutions to provide the professional estimating and project management support for this process. We borrow some of the best principles of the Integrated Project Delivery Method defined by The American Institute of Architects (AIA) as a “delivery approach that integrates people, systems, business structures and practices into a process that collaboratively harnesses the talents and insights of all participants to optimize project results, increase value to the owner, reduce waste, and maximize efficiency through all phases of design, fabrication, and construction.”



Sample Pre-Construction Schedule

"We found Gabe and Scott completely capable, confident and communicative. They and their associates know what they are doing, stick to it, and remain simultaneously flexible to project changes."

Nicholas Biddle, Brattleboro, VT

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